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    Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals

    What is an Emotional Support Animal?

    An emotional support animal (ESA) is a type of animal that provides emotional support to its owner. They bring happiness and joy to life. People with mental health relieve loneliness by keeping animals around.

    An ESA provides companionship and helps to fight against depression and anxiety. An emotional support animal does not require extensive training to assist people with disabilities.Health advisor can direct you about how to get an emotional support animal.

    They can become your best emotional support animal if they help in your mental or emotional disability. ESA can be any animal, and it cannot be limited to dogs or cats.

    The emotional support animal letter sample mentions that your mental health requires an ESA.

    What is a Service Animal?

    Service animals require training to perform a specific task and help those who face any mental or emotional disability. A service animal is trained to perform a specific task that his owner can’t perform due to a physical or emotional disability. They need proper training and guidance.

    Difference between Emotional Support Animal and Service Animal

    Some people are confused with emotional support animals and service animals because of some similarities. They both have strong differences.

    Emotional support animals provide emotional support to their owner as companions or friends without any physical help. Service animals need a particular type of training to help with mental and physical related problems.

    Emotional support animals cannot be taken in hotels, restaurants, and malls. But the service animal has given liberty, and you can take them anywhere you want. The service animal can be taken to the office, mall, restaurant, etc. without any restrictions. First sort out how to groom your dog at home.

    With the ESA letter for housing, you can live with your pet without paying any fee. For a service animal, you do not need any letter to live with your pet.

    According to the Air Carrier Access Act, you can travel with your emotional support animal free of cost. No need to pay any pet fee, but you have to submit the ESA letter to the airline before 48 hours of the scheduled flight.

    Emotional support animal registration is required for traveling and living with your pet. However, the service animals that are for disable persons just need a prescription. A licensed mental health professional should prescribe by examining the health of a patient.

    Benefits of an Emotional Support Animal

    Research shows that ESA helps those people who suffer from mental and physical health problems. Having a pet can provide you positive mental effects and can be beneficial in many ways.

    • The ESA can quickly change its owner’s mood and provide relaxation.
    • Emotional support animals provide comfort to people who face any mental or emotional related issue.
    • ESA can help to maintain blood pressure, sugar level, and cholesterol.
    • They can be your best companion in your loneliness and give you company if you feel alone.
    • ESAs can make its owner active and healthy.
    • They offer unconditional love and peace. 
    • Give your dog healthiest dog food
    • Through ESA, the owner can quickly get along with other people who have pets.

    Benefits of Service Animals

    The service animals also provide several benefits like emotional support animals. Here are the few benefits that the service animal provides to its owner.

    • People who are in wheelchairs and have difficulty moving. Service dogs help them open and shut doors, switch the lights on/off, and pick the things from the ground.
    • Service dogs help people who feel pain and tiredness in moving freely and easily. They can help people and save them from falling.
    • For people who have epilepsy, service dogs are very helpful. They are trained in a way that they alert their owner before a seizure occurs. They have the ability to detect the onset of a seizure. Service dogs are helped to eliminate the chances of injuries during a seizure attack.
    • Service dogs are a greater source of safety and help people with disabilities. They can help you to move from one place to another place. Always keep you healthy and active.
    • They boost your motivation and help to handle daily chores. They bring joy and happiness to the life of its owner.
    • A service dog encourages people to do things on their own and build the hope of doing things alone.
    • They increase socialization and help them to meet people. Their relationship with other people improved by the presence of service dogs.
    • People who have service animals feel more comfortable in all situations.

    ESA Dog Requirements

    The ESA does not require any training but the service animal needs. The emotional support dog requirements are:

    • An emotional support dog should behave well in public and did not harm anyone
    • Your ESA should not disturb anyone in the home or airplane
    •  For ESA registration, you will need an ESA letter

    How to Register your Dog as an ESA?

    If you live and travel with your pet, you need to register your pet as an ESA. To get an ESA letter, you have to consult a professional medical therapist. In the legal ESA letter, the following information is written about you and your ESA.

    • Doctor name
    • Date of issuance and expiration
    • Reasons to get an ESA
    • The doctor’s signature

    The ESA letter sample should be written on the professional medical letterhead. If it is not written on that it will be a fake letter.Put a martingale dog collar to your dog for flourishing explanation.

    Get an ESA Letter for Emotional Support Dog

    Getting an ESA letter for an emotional support dog is not a daunting task. So take a deep breath and not confuse yourself in this question of how to get an esa letter online. You will easily get the esa letter online if you register on the legal ESA website. Try to save yourself from fraud ones.

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