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    Tips to Add citations in Harvard Style - Essay Writing 2021 Guide



    Harvard style is one of the most formatting styles like that of MLA, APA, and Chicago. Harvard style has its own rules for general formatting and citations. These citation styles are mostly preferred in a particular field, likewise, the Harvard style is mostly used in philosophy, humanities, and pay someone to write my paper behavioral sciences. However, it can also be used in other fields as well.


    Harvard paper formatting guidelines:


    It used Times New Romans, or Arial 12 pt. as the recommended font along with 1-inch margins from all the sides. The text is left-aligned with double-spacing. The title occupies the center space before the text and the first line is indented 0.5".


    Header, Title, Page Number


    Add page number on the top right corner of the paper and make your title center-aligned. Capitalize all the pay someone to write my essay main words except short conjunctions, articles, and prepositions. For example: Pay for Essay. Do not bold, italicized, indent or underscore the title. Write your last name in the header before the page number.




    Divide your paper into level 1 and 2 headings and divide those headings into sections. The level 1 heading should be centered and capitalized yet they should not be italicized, bold and indented. Whereas the level 2 headings should be capitalized and left-aligned.


    Title page


    The first page that is also called the cover page contains basic information like:


    It is written almost one-third of the way down the page and it is capitalized. Your name should appear halfway down the page and it is centered. Then comes down on the page course number, professor’s name, university name, and finally the date.


     Outline format


    After the title page comes an outline of the paper that lists the subsections of the paper. Write an outline and center it, followed by a list of all the level 1 subsections left aligned and capitalized. The level 2 subsections will appear under level 1 subsection in bullet points. Capitalized them and indent cheap essay writer them half an inch for better presentation.


    Reference list


    All the sources should be listed below the centered and capitalized title of 'reference list'.


    In-text citation


    Harvard style in-text citation contains the surname of the writer with a year of publication and also page number i.e. Raymond and James 2021, p. 21. 


    In case of direct quotation, if you quote exact words do add page number and if it is taken from a website then add the paragraph number i.e. Raymond and James 2021, para. 5


    Use 'and' between the names of the authors instead of ampersand & and do not enclose the names of authors in parenthesis i.e. Raymond and James (2021, p. 31). If multiple sources were to be added then list them as they appear in the reference list and separate them with the help of semicolons I.e. Smith 2010; James 2021. The names and year come first or at last, it should be written like i.e.  Found different aspects of the research (James 2020). And James (2020) found different college essay writing service aspects of the research, respectively.


    Moreover, in the case of three authors separate the first two by comma and the last by 'and. i.e. James, Raymond, and Arnold, 2021.  If there are more than three authors then write et al. with the surname of the first author i.e. Arnold et al 2021.  In case there is no author then using the name of the title in the in-text citation and if there is no date then write (n.d) or no date. 


     Lastly, the reference list should be in alphabetical order and each bibliography entry should start with a new line. Unlike writing et al. in an in-text citation in the case of several writers in reference list the names of all the writers are mentioned. It has been among students that they often resort to essay writing service to format their research papers and if you were before, hope this blog familiarizes you with Harvard citation style.


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