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    Savvy About Dating Online - 6 Tips

    Girl, Portrait, Hair, Beauty, Smile, Lips, Person

    Who said dating was easy? Just like regular dating, online dating can be a mixture of fun, amusement, anxiety, and disappointment. Welcome to life. However, you can also learn a lot about yourself and others through online dating. So, here a few ways to get the most out of our online dating experiences:

    1. Get on as many sites as you can stand or afford. There are literally a myriad of options:
    • Match.com
    • JDate.com
    • Eharmony.com
    • InterracialMatch.com
    • AfroIntroductions.com
    • Loveawake.com
    • PlentyOfFish.com
    • Blackplanet.com
    • HurryDate.com
    • InterracialRomance.com
    • Blackfemalescndinavianmarriage.com
    • 40KandUp.com

    ...And many more. Sign up for all of them! Remember this is a numbers game, the more active you are the more likely you are to get what you want. Dating is work, deal with it.
    2. Ignore “winks” and “favorites” as those aren’t signs of serious interest. It’s the equivalent of the “Like” button on Facebook; “John likes you and 5 other profiles,” is basically what that says. And as a woman, you shouldn’t be doling out winks and favoriting men either.
    3. Don’t be discouraged or angry because a man checks off every other ethnicity but black, ignore the racial preferences section. You’d be surprised how many men do do this, but then end up approaching BW on these sites.
    On the other hand, I have heard from other inter-racially inclined BW that checking off or selecting WM or all men- whatever you are open to- can increase your response rate. To some men that is a green light and a sign that you’re likely not a Nothin-But-A-BM type woman. Try it, test it out, see what happens. 4. Check out the competition. Look through some of the profiles of the women on these dating sites, what are other women doing that’s working and isn’t working? What can you learn from them?
    5. Get some good pictures, this is very important. Don’t overdo it though and post 50 pictures to your profile. Try to limit it to 3: 2 head shots and a full body shot. Men are visual creatures and want to know what they’re getting into.
    In order to ensure that you have the BEST possible pictures, have them professionally done. This can range in cost from $200 - $500. If that’s unaffordable, invest in a good camera or have a friend help you out. Put your best foot forward and go to the salon beforehand. Have your hair done, brows arched, nails painted, make-up applied. Smile and wear bright colors in your pictures. Look happy and approachable.
    View this as an investment as you can likely use these photos for a few years- barring any drastic physical change. You could also use your photos for professional purposes such as resumes/cover letters or, on social media and networking sites like LinkedIn.
    6. Finally, just like at the bar or anywhere else where you'd meet men, you should NOT be approaching and/or emailing men first. This reeks of desperation and masculine energy - not how you want to be perceived. Keep it relaxed and simple, have only your pictures and brief summary about yourself. Don’t answer all of the questions, there’s no need to have any essays in your dating profile, just keep it simple. Then sit back and see who responds to you. Sort and vet from there.

    Hope this information is helpful. Click here for some additional resources.
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Покупатели распробовали QR-платежи

В октябре российские потребители оплатили покупки с помощью QR-кодов 213 тыс. раз, а объем операций превысил 765 млн руб. По сравнению с сентябрем число c2b-переводов через Систему быстрых платежей выросло на 214%.

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27 октября / Комментарии

Результаты рынка eCommerce за сентябрь 2020

В сентябре российский рынок eCommerce превысил те рекордные показатели, которые были достигнуты в мае на пике режима "самоизоляции". Количество онлайн-заказов в сентябре составило 63,5 миллиона (без учета заказов продуктов питания через специализированные интернет-магазины и службы доставки).

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27 октября / Комментарии

«Обувь России» запустила новое мобильное приложение Westfalika

Группа компаний «Обувь России» запустила новую версию мобильного приложения Westfalika. Разработчиком выступила новосибирская компания «Секвения». Обновленная версия, созданная с учетом актуальных тенденций UX-дизайна и обладающая современным функционалом, позволит сделать процесс покупок максимально удобным для клиентов. 

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