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    Investigating the most popular commercial regions in Islamabad


    Islamabad offers many adaptable commercial regions that give a wide range of things. Greater part occupants of twin urban communities shop from Islamabad to have a quality item. Here is a rundown of few commercial regions that extremely popular in Islamabad


    Blue Region


    Residential Plots for Sale in Islamabad is commercial and business center ofIslamabad. There are many restaurants in the blue region. You can track down an assortment of food choices in this commercial region. Assuming you want to eat Chinese then you can visit Family Mun. It is an absolutely Chinese restaurant and offers customary Chinese foods. Their quality as far as taste is outstanding. There are different choices too like Roasters, Howdy, McDonalds, Hardees, New Yorker, optp. Assuming you are keen on shopping, you can likewise track down a wide range of apparel brands around here. There are outlets of Khaadi,


    The Centaurus Shopping center


    It is a blended center of business, shopping, and private structure. There are not many corporate workplaces and it likewise has separate floor of extravagance apartments. In the event that you are keen on buying a level in Centaurus, you can reach some dependable realtors or you can look on tenable locales like gharbaar to have your apartment in Centaurus shopping center. The shopping center offers you pretty much every dress and shoe brand. It likewise has an enormous supermarket Al-Fateh that gives everything in truly sensible costs. Besides, assuming you are a cosmetics darling, you can track down many cosmetic shops in this shopping center too. On its fourth floor, there is food court that gives food to your contemplations. The food is delightful and sterile. Assortment of food is accessible also. To put it plainly, you can get everything from family things to individual stuff under one rooftop.


    Safa gold shopping center


    Safa Gold shopping center is another shopping center in Islamabad that covers clothing, scarcely any family things (like beautification pieces, sheets, and so forth) and food court. Food court comprises of a couple of notable food brands. This shopping center isn't quite as large as different shopping centers of Islamabad yet at the same time, it gives an assortment of choices to shopping.


    F-6 Markaz/store


    F-6 Markaz is additionally extremely renowned commercial space of Islamabad. It has many dress and footwear brands. In case you are a fan of J. dresses then you should go there and shop whatever you like. The explanation that F-6 Markaz is popular commercial space of Islamabad is that Kohsar market is arranged in F-6/3. This market is well known for all the staple shops that gives worldwide quality food. They have all the branded food. Indeed, even foreigners additionally go for shopping here to buy food-related things. There are not many restaurants also. Chaaye Khana an exceptionally renowned restaurant in F-6 Markaz. It offers divine food and their costs are entirely sensible. It is likewise encircled by local location and distinctive foreign international safe havens. You will foreigners wandering around for shopping in this sector. Alongside every renowned brand and famous restaurants, it has some of the most established scientists of Islamabad.


    Jinnah super


    Jinnah super is situated in F-7 Markaz. Like other significant commercial spaces of the city, it likewise has every one of the conspicuous brands. It is somewhat costly when contrasted with other Commercial Plots for Sale in Islamabad . It is for the most part visited by elegant upper class of the twin urban areas.


    Metro money and convey


    It is situated in I-11/4 and it is a discount shopping site. It gives everything from staple, family, desserts to cosmetics, home appliances, and hardware under one rooftop. One of the fascinating elements of metro money and convey is nearby live baking and they make flavorful items. They additionally give home conveyance services to their expert customers at insignificant expense.


    Visit this large number of spots and your time with loved ones.

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Wildberries ввел платный возврат товаров

Российский маркетплейс Wildberries ввел новые правила для возврата товара, который не устраивает покупателя. Wildberries начал тестировать платный возврат товаров — в московских пунктах выдачи появились соответствующие объявления.

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Менее 30% интернет- пользователей будут покупать подарки онлайн

Одноклассники начали подводить итоги 2021: социальная сеть запустила специальный сайт, на котором в течение ближайшего месяца будут появляться самые интересные результаты уходящего года.

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Delivery Club запускает стипендиальную программу для курьеров-студентов

Delivery Club стал первым фудтех сервисом, запустившим стипендиальную программу для студентов вузов и колледжей, которые подрабатывают в доставке. Программа разработана в рамках Центра карьеры курьеров, объединяющего все возможности для профессионального развития курьеров, запускаемые сервисом.

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